Dietetic Internship


Dietetic Internship

Cuisine365 Nutrition & Wellness is accepting 2016-2017 Dietetic Interns by being a Dietetic Internship Preceptor. If you are a student seeking out sites for your rotations or an Internship Director seeking placement for your students, please contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss the opportunity.The supervised practice will allow DI students to participate in meal planning with the RD, sports nutrition menu development, nutrition consultations with clients of various types including sports nutrition, marketing and business in nutrition & wellness, social media and nutrition, as well as time spent with our chefs in food service and menu planning. The goal is to not only give the students hands-on experience, but allow them to also utilize their own creativity in regards to all of these areas of focus. Currently we are accepting DI students within the Philadelphia area, but are completely open in doing distance/satellite supervised practice.

DI Expectations

The supervised practice experience with Cuisine365 Nutrition & Wellness is designed to build skills and entry-level competency upon the intern’s existing foundation of didactic knowledge. Throughout the supervised practice rotation, the goal is to gradually increase the intern’s level of: Responsibility  -  Proficiency  -  Independence  -  Competence   While at first the intern may simply observe, the intern will take on increasing portions of the preceptor’s role until the intern is able to assume all entry-level aspects of the preceptor’s job independently.  Throughout the rotation, the intern should gradually progress from moderate supervised practice to increasing independence and minimal supervision.  Responsibilities and challenges should progress from basic to complex, and the work load and speed expectations should increase similarly.

DI Director Required Information

In order for Cuisine365 Nutrition & Wellness to successfully complete the supervised practice with the DI student, the Internship Director is to provide us with detailed information of the expectations within the rotation:
Competencies and Intern Evaluation 
Both preceptors and interns will be provided with Rotation Descriptions, Rotation Assignment Checklists, and Evaluation Forms for each rotation prior to the start of the rotation.  This can be worked out between the Preceptor (RD) and the Internship Director prior to the student's supervised practice.

1. The Rotation Description details the following: Planned Experiences –  Planned experiences or activities that should satisfy the desired competency or learning outcome Competency/Outcome –  Competencies or learning outcomes that are associated with the selected planned experience Assessment Method –  The method and evaluator for the selected competency

2. A Rotation Assignment Checklist for each assignment that interns are required to complete as a learning experience and/or means of assessing competencies/learning outcomes.

3. Upon completion of the supervised practice competencies, the RD will have access to the specific Evaluation Form for the assignment.  Preceptors will use the rubric to evaluate the intern’s work and rate their competency. For questions concerning the Dietetic Internship opportunity, please feel free to contact our Director of Nutrition & Whitney Clark, RD, CSSD, LDN at: