The First of Many -- My Story as a Dietitian for Cuisine 365

June 08, 2016

Welcome to the first blog post from Cuisine 365's in-house dietitian and Director of Nutrition and Wellness. While moving forward, these insightful (hopefully) blog posts will be geared towards helping you learn more about healthy eating, I wanted to tell you why I came on board with Cuisine 365 and what this journey means to me. Maybe this will also help get to know me and also, what a great team I have joined. Cuisine 365 has been a successful catering and sports catering business prior to me coming on board.  They were doing great service, giving amazing food to clients, and seeking how they could challenge themselves even more. When I met the team of Cuisine 365, I had no intentions of joining the crew, I simply wanted a client to gain access to good food, as long as it could be healthy. And then the wheels started to turn, for not only me, but for Cuisine 365. After many conversations and lots of nights being incredibly afraid to dive in -- I took the giant leap and left my great job at Drexel University to take on the unknown... I became the Director or Nutrition & Wellness for Cuisine 365 this year. And since, I have not looked back. Together, we have all jammed really well, coming along with incredible ideas to make our company better -- literally and figuratively. We wanted to make YOU better too. Your health and well-being became top of the list and to me, this was such an incredible platform for me, especially as a dietitian. We have been creating fantastic dishes that are nutrition focused with our executive chef, I have been given the challenging opportunity to learn corporate/workplace wellness and make it happen. We have made some incredible contacts, we have been developing an elite meal delivery service that is nothing but the best. I say that because I believe in everything we have been doing; because everything we do comes from a culture of hard work, good intentions, good food, good health, and good service. Go organic? Yep. Go customized? Sure. Go to different markets? You betcha. Grab at some outlandish idea and make it start to happen? Oh yea. The possibilities are endless with Cuisine 365 and I am so excited to be part of this journey. I hope you will be a part of it too. Happy and Healthy Noshing, Jenna - Director of Nutrition and Wellness for Cuisine 365