Post-Exercise Fuel

April 10, 2017

Post-Exercise Fuel

Most of us have heard there is an optimal window of time to consume fuel after a workout to expedite recovery. That’s good because it’s true, most of the time. For athletes who strenuously exercise in two a day practices, it is imperative that they consume protein/carbohydrates within 30-60 minutes to repair muscles and replenish glycogen in time for their next training session.

However, if your next training session isn’t for at least 8-12 hours later, then the opportune window becomes less important. As long as you consume enough protein and carbohydrates during the day (a 24 hour window), then you will be just as recovered by the time of your next training session.

How much protein and carbohydrate should we consume?

General guidelines are 20-30 grams protein and 3-4x that amount in grams of carbohydrate.

What about the gym-goer who moderately works out 30-40 minutes a day and isn’t involved in high intensity/duration athletics? The same 24 hour window rules apply. Eating to fuel your body with enough protein and carbohydrates to recover and achieve your health and fitness goals is important.

For a more individualized recovery plan, feel free to email me!

PS. Don’t forget to hydrate! For every pound of sweat you lose during exercise, you should be drinking 16-24 oz. water to rehydrate!!