Morning Nosh Ideas for Busy Folks [aka mostly EVERYONE]

October 06, 2016

There are some mornings that are too hectic that you are even surprised that you were able to remember to put on your pants. Congrats to those that did so successfully. And congrats to those of you who remembered to remind your children and/or significant other to do that same as well.  But — remembering to eat is JUST as important as putting on your pants. Our bodies are like a giant warm cozy fireplace. Like a lovely fire, we must put logs on the fire to keep it burning. That is how our metabolism works (how quickly or slowly we burn calories at rest and while we are doing daily tasks/physical activity). When we fuel our bodies every few hours, we keep metabolism going strong. Skipping breakfast slows the metabolic rate, alters the fuel we use, and, makes us hungry and most importantly (for others around you) cranky. So even if it is a little bit or a lotta something (depends on what lotta is…), do something better for your health by making breakfast a priority. Which, if you even want to take away the word BREAKFAST and change it to “eating something” so it sounds less elaborate, go right ahead. In fact, when working with clients its a good strategy to instead ask them “what is the first thing you eat during the day and at what time?” By calling it breakfast, we are already creating a negative twist as if they should feel guilty. We like to be positive here at Cuisine 365. Below are a list of easy to make breakfasts or "something to eat" to toss in your bag, car, whatever you’d like. Some are not always breakfast-y foods, but hey, who said you can’t have turkey slices for breakfast?
  • Handful of dry-roasted edamame (gosh, so fibrous and full of complete proteins), and an apple. Still hungry? Grab a string cheese.
  • Greek yogurt, crushed mixed nuts, sliced/diced fruit.
  • dry cereal in a baggie and a carton of milk (or those Horizon Organic sippie milks). DO NOT put the milk in the baggie (have them separately).
  • Go get dressed (PUT ON YOUR PANTS) and spray the pan, put 2-3 eggs (or egg whites, free-range brown eggs, or Egg Beaters) in the pan to make an omelet or scramble. By the time you put on your pants and put them on the right way, you can flip your eggs. Stuff in a pita or tortilla and head out the door.
  • Eggs in a mug. Microwave eggs in a coffee mug. Add some diced vegges and some cheese (shredded) when you nuke it. Eat and take this around the house with you while you are making sure everyone has pants on or while you watch your dog make sure he or she relieves themselves outside. You can do the same with oatmeal in a cup and if that cup fits in your car cup-holder, great!
  • Peanut butter + banana or PB + banana on whole-wheat toast (Lite bread, at 45 calories a slice is a lower calorie option).
  • pre-packaged cup of low-fat cottage cheese and a pear.
  • Even just a darn piece of fruit.
  • Whole wheat tortilla, apple butter or nut butter, drizzle of honey, banana and wrap up and take on the go.
  • Bagel Thins with a spread of Greek Yogurt “cream cheese” — don’t knock it til you try it!
  • Smoothies! Perhaps a whole blog on this soon. Easy-as-pie smoothie is fresh or frozen fruit (the best to blend with are berries, mango, pineapple, and bananas), a cup or 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt, a handful of kale, a dash of fruit juice, and if you like PB go for it. If you want to add flaxseed (must always be crushed/ground to get the nutrients), chia seeds, go right ahead. For kids, throw in a NutriGrain bar to add some thickness (or for athletes looking to boost calories without feeling stuffed).
  • Hard boiled egg and a bunch of grapes.
Always remember to eat every 3-4 hours, or 2-3 for really active individuals. For those of you seeking additional nutrition advice or want to share ideas or comments, please contact the Cuisine 365 Dietitian at: