Is Breakfast Really the Best?

March 23, 2017

I think we’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet many people still skip breakfast noting they either aren’t hungry in the AM or skip it for fear that when they eat, they will become too hungry. So, what’s really the deal with breakfast? To eat or not to eat? The answer depends on your situation.

Are you not hungry in the AM because you ate a large meal right before bed the night before? Maybe you’ll want to eat a little less at night so you can digest more quickly and have a more restful sleep (because your organs won’t be working overtime while the rest of your body is trying to shut down). That way, you’ll wake up with more of an appetite (and maybe feel more rested as well!).

Are you scared that once you eat breakfast, you’re going to be ravenously hungry all morning? The solution to that fear lies in what type of food you’re eating for breakfast. Simple carbohydrates (Danish, sugary breakfast cereal, donut, etc.) spike your blood sugar, so insulin is released and drops it back down. The result is that you’re left feeling more hungry or tired than before you ate. Easy solution. Eat a well-balanced, low sugar breakfast. A whole wheat bagel (carbohydrate) sandwich with egg and turkey bacon (protein and fat) will keep your energy high and your stomach full until lunch.

If you’re not the breakfast sandwich type, check out our variety of healthy and balanced breakfast options here:

We take the guess work out of how to compose a balanced breakfast. We’ve got your back. Fruit and Chia Parfait? Let’s break it down. Fruit + granola = carbohydrate, Greek yogurt = protein, Chia seeds = healthy fat. Make all your meals well balanced!

Bottom Line: Breakfast literally “breaks” the “fast” from your overnight snooze. Fuel your body with a Nutritious breakfast option today!